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The AppFerret Marketplace is founded on your ideas and your hard work!

At AppFerret, we know that getting your apps in front of the people that need them should be as simple and hassle free as possible. So we are dedicated to you the vendor, and we want you to profit from your hard work and not be burdened by a bunch of confusing sliding scales and shifting percentages. We also don’t believe in punishing you for selling your apps elsewhere. We will pay you 70% of the sale price; one of the industry’s highest percentage per sale and that starts with sale one. Period. No Nonsense.

Features & Benefits of Selling on AppFerret

We do all the heavy lifting for your marketing

As an AppFerret vendor, you can spend more time coding and less time marketing your work. We have a full-time team working on driving customers to the marketplace.

State of the Art E-Commerce technology

The AppFerret AppZone is built on an E-Commerce platform that makes buying and downloading your files easy and secure.

Trouble free collection of monies

We provide all of services to collect customer monies for your software or service sale.

Site Security is monitored 24/7

Our staff is monitoring all site operation 24/7 while your team can focus on development

Run your own demos or let us help

Because we maintain extensive cloud hosting platforms, we can help you set up your demo areas with us or you can maintain them on your own hosting platform – giving you greater flexibility and options.

Boost Sales with Cross-Product Sales Campaigns

AppFerret can further boost your product sales by designing and coordinating cross-product campaigns by building “packages” of software composed of multiple vendor products.

AppFerret Special Product Discount campaigns

The AppFerret marketing team will add your products to advertised discount campaigns related to certain platforms or technologies, thus boosting sales.

Cross-Platform Sales Campaigns

One of the advantages of selling on the AppFerret platform is knowing that our recommendation engine will prominently promote your apps whenever customers view or purchase apps in related areas.

AppFerret support manages basic issues for you

AppFerret support manages basic product install and operational question using your issue-scripts, saving you many hours of time.

Live industry events and promotional Webinars

Our webinars and industry events showcase our vendor apps in ways that demonstrate case study examples and solutions.

Cross-Collaboration with Industry Peers

The AppFerret community is growing every day and we encourage our vendors to team up and work together to reach goals that are impossible to achieve solo.

You maintain full copyright & ownership

When selling products on AppFerret you have the option of including your custom end-user-software-license (EUSA), using an AppFerret license, or distributing Open Source (with support). In all cases you retain all of your copyright and ownership rights of any product sold.

Realtime Licensing Server available

AppFerret makes available a Standardized Product Licensing server to protect your software.  The server licensing agent code can be integrated into your software product making possible realtime checks of any combination of Associated-Site-IP, Number-of-Product-Runs, License-Time-Period.  The license server also makes it easy to prompt customers to renew subscriptions and to download product updates.

AppFerret Cloud-Hosting Services

We offer Cloud-Hosting services which promotes your Apps usage on multiple cloud systems

Low Commision Fee Schedule

AppFerret sells a wide range of software products and services.  Our Commision Fee Schedule is among the lowest in the industry and we are always open to discuss special terms for unusual products.

Our only requirement is that your products generally match one of our focus categories (AI, Big Business Data, Cloud-Computing, IoT, Security, Statistics, Software Tools, etc.). Your products can be written in any language for any OS or hardware platform, so please include Desktop, Server, Mobile or even IoT apps. Please make sure to describe your products (links are good) and include how AppFerret and you can best work together. Fill out the simple form below and let’s start selling together!

Standard Fees/Commissions

  • Your %
  • AppFerret %

Special Beta-Tester Rate Offer

  • Beta-Tester%
  • AppFerret %

Beta-Tester Offer Details

Sign-up as a Beta-tester and all newly added products will be charged at 97%/3% commission rate for one year.

As an approved Beta-tester, ALL of your products entered during the Beta-test period will receive this special Beta-tester offer.

Use the form below to apply as a Beta-tester – note: Beta-tester space is limited!

Apply to be a Vendor

Already a Vendor or you have a more complex question or message, use the diagram below to decide best way to get answers.

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  • Are you interested in joining our Beta program?

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